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Executive Board

The Executive Board has received and accepted the resignation of Vice-President Troy Porter. Troy has served and helped the members of our Union for many years and his service has been greatly appreciated.  He requested to step down due to personal matters and we wish him the best and continue to support him as a Union brother.

Per the Union constitution, the Board Secretary succeeds the Vice President if the position is vacated.  At yesterday’s Executive Board meeting, the Board secretary, Laura Cummins, was offered the interim VP position, but declined.  There is no other position explicitly indicated as next in succession per the union constitution.  Therefore, the Executive Board must appoint someone to the position of Vice President until nominations/election for the position occur.

President Christopher Cassidy passed the gavel, then made a motion to appoint Barbara Armand as Interim Vice-President to serve the remainder of the term which expires this December. The motion was seconded and the Board voted to appoint Barbara as Interim Vice-President.  Barbara Armand accepted the appointment.

This created a vacancy in the Professional E-Board position.  The Union constitution states that  General, Professional, and Supervisory Executive Board positions that are vacated are appointed by the Executive Board.  Barbara Armand motioned to appoint Glen Superville as the Interim Professional representative to serve the remainder of the term which expires this December.  Glenhas been a loyal Union Member since his initial employment in 1999 and is well respected by his peers.  The motion was seconded and the board voted to appoint Glen to the position which he accepted.

The updated officer and steward list is ->>OFFICERS LIST – 11 2017.   The nomination meeting for the expiring Executive Board positions, as well as the monthly member meeting, will be taking place next Tuesday, November 14th @ 6:30 PM.

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