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North Central HOA Meeting

Do you live in North Central Hollywood? Then you should plan to attend tonight’s HOA Meeting!

PLEASE ACCEPT THIS INVITATION TO ATTEND OUR NEXT MEETING OF THE NORTH CENTRAL HOLLYWOOD CIVIC ASSOCIATION THIS TUESDAY Sept. 24th AT 7PM.There are several projects that will be greatly impacting our neighborhood that we need to discuss.  Sunset Golf course (Johnson St. just east of I-95) from what we have been told has been sold and is slated to become low-income rental apartments.Sheridan Station (the old Okomo Trailer park Taft and just west of I-95) was approved several years ago as thousands of condo/rental units & retail space.It was not built because of the downturn in the economy.  The project is being revived with changes.  Again there are to be low-income rental units.There are several more schools slated to be approved in and around our neighborhood. (2025 McKinley St- 2200 students, 2907 Taylor St. all girls 200 students, 2600 Hollywood Blvd. Ben-Gamila School an additional 1050 students, 2402 Hollywood Blvd.  Montessori school 300 students, 1400 N 46 Ave. Temple Sinai 850 students, Hillcrest Charter School 850 Students, and 502 N 28th Ave an additional 300 students.Additionally we are still working on Neighborhood Crime, Code issues, Neighborhood improvements, infrastructure work affecting our area and additional information on the Canal. We have a meeting early next month with the City Manager, New Police Chief and one of our Commissioners. We are to bring all neighborhood concerns to their attention for what we hope to be solutions. If you cannot attend our meeting Tuesdayplease e-mail me @ ( )   or call Cliff Germano @ 954-639-6030 with your concerns (send me the problem, location, pictures, etc.) so that they can be addressed by City Staff. Please try to attend our meeting Tuesday and bring a neighbor or two with you. We need your input. Thanks.

And please wear your green! Let them know that we work here, and more importantly, we live here.



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