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Proposed Contract Agreement for Ratification

Brothers and Sisters of AFSCME Local 2432

This continues to be a challenging year as we try to turn the corner on this pandemic and it’s affects on our health and livelihoods. The City was able to avoid pay cuts and job eliminations by using Federal Rescue Plan funds to balance the budget.

Therefore, the Union and City have agreed to a one year 2022 stop gap contract to hold us over until we get back to the bargaining table this January. We will also be voting to memorialize the one year MOU that we voted on last year. Once the formal 2022 agreement has been received from the City, we will notify you of the date and time of the ratification vote.

Summary of items being proposed for ratification:

  1. 2% COLA on the base salary

  2. 1% one time Lump Sum on the base salary to be issued via a separate payroll check.

  3. HRA Card amount Increases beginning 1 Jan 2022 as follows.

  4. Employee only = $300 to $400

  5. Employee + 1 = $400 to $600

  6. Employee + 2 or more = $700 to $1000

  1. Increased mental wellness counseling sessions (EAP) from 6 sessions to 10 sessions at no additional cost.

  2. Changes to health care premiums as follows:


  1. Employee only = no change

  2. Employee + 1 = increase of $2.82 per pay period

  3. Employee + 2 or more = $6.20 per pay period


  1. Employee only = increase of $6.29 per pay period

  2. Employee + 1 = $12.59 per pay period

  3. Employee + 2 or more = $20.14 per pay period.


  1. Dental Orthodontia Co-Pays eliminated.


  1. Increase in Vision Frame Allowances from $100 – $120, $130 – $150, and $150 – $170with an option to get non-prescription sun glasses or blue light reducing frames in lieu of prescription frames.

  2. Decrease in Vision rates per pay depending upon plan and tier – see summary healthcare sheet below.

Note: no existing benefits were removed from the contract.

We thank you for your continued membership and will keep you posted on the date for ratification vote.

In Solidarity


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