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Welcome to the AFSCME LOCAL 2432 website for Hollywood employees!

AFSCME Hollywood Local 2432 is the largest Union in the City of Hollywood and represents the City Employees not covered under the Police P.B.A. and Fire I.A.F.F. Collective Bargaining Agreements.

We can only improve with the continued support our existing employees like you.  Joining Local 2432 is the essential first step by you to make sure of your continued future in respect to your wages and benefits.


Join the Union family to make sure that both you and your future Union Brothers and Sisters will continue to live the American Dream!

See your Local Union Representative, or complete the Membership Application and email it to

Why Do We Need A Union for Hollywood Employees?

Building a nation that puts children and working families before big corporations and the rich means ensuring access to quality public services that everyone can count on.

Every day, Hollywood Employees work to make our community safe, clean, and healthy. We provide the services that make Hollywood work. We work to meet the needs of the people and their families who count on Hollywood Employees. From the Barrier Island out to the western City Limits, and everything in between,  Local 2432  members make Hollywood work and keep our City running.

By joining together in AFSCME Local 2432, public service employees are uniting with the families we serve, community leaders, and elected officials to set the best standards for public services:

Adequate staffing levels to ensure quality and accessibility.

Good wages and benefits that will help attract and keep qualified, experienced staff.
Proper training and equipment to help all public service employees do our best.

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