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All Hands on Deck

Hello Brothers and Sisters of AFSCME 2432,

This is the time we get to reward the current Hollywood Commission and show them how much we “appreciate” All the layoffs, pay cuts, benefit reductions, pension referendum, outsourcing and “financial urgency” !

If there ever was an appropriate time to show your feelings, then now is the time to volunteer to change the group of politicians who have “reluctantly” inflicted these hardships on ourselves.  Everyone has been adversely affected within the Local 2432 bargaining units, and everyone should take a stand.

Whether you live or vote in the city of Hollywood should make no difference in your decision to get involved and volunteer.

Please ask everyone you work with to get involved.  This email only goes out to a part of the membership of whom we have home email addresses for. Please ask your co-workers, both members and “potential members” to get involved in this election volunteer drive.

Please print, fill out and FAX the volunteer form below to 954-922-4252 or just send us an email letting us know of your interest and contact info.

Together United we can change our future for the better!

In Solidarity,

Local 2432

“We Make Hollywood Happen.”

2012 Election Notice Door Hanger

Local 2432 Supports These Candidates

Click the image to get a full size version you can print. Or ask your Steward and they can get one (or more) for you.


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