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Important Message from President Christopher Cassidy

To all my Brothers and Sisters,

This letter is bitter sweet. As of December 6th, 2021, I will be officially retired from the City of Hollywood.

It was a pleasure serving the needs of our membership as President of this union for the last ten years. Upon separation, I will no longer be involved with the union as President per the constitution.

As per the AFSCME Local 2432 constitution, succession will be as follows:

1. the elected Vice President fills the remaining term of the President; 2. the elected Secretary fills the Vice President’s remaining term; 3. the Board nominates and elects a new officer who fills the remaining term of any other vacancies.

I encourage all those who wish to make a difference to step forward during the upcoming nomination and election period.

I have been a union member my entire career with the City of Hollywood, spanning over 28 years. I have been actively involved as a steward/officer for over twenty years.

As I reflect back on my tenure as President, I recall a union that was very different than today. The union was weakened by internal financial issues, there was bifurcation amongst the membership, and the President, other union officials along with the union’s former attorney abandoned the organization following the City’s financial urgency declaration that stripped benefits from city employees.

With the efforts of a few, we were able to achieve the progress we have today. I am handing over a strong union, with plenty of funds, a competent labor attorney, and restoration of some valuable benefits. However, all of this progress can slip away easily if all members do not take a proactive approach in protecting YOUR union.

This is YOUR union and I encourage you all to get involved as much as possible. YOUR involvement can make a difference!

In Solidarity,

Chris Cassidy President, AFSCME Local 2432


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