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JAT – Evergreen Consulting

Many of you are aware the City has hired Evergreen Consulting to do a City-Wide Job Assessment with the reported goal of finding who is doing what, where, when, and how much of it they are doing.

HR says the goal is “to do an in-depth analysis of all the positions in the City.”

Why? The plan is to make sure that everyone is getting paid the average, that when you look at how much the City is paying its employees compared to anywhere else we are in the middle of the pack, none underpaid, none overpaid.

The first question many of you are asking is ‘Why are we hiring this out? Don’t we have an HR Department to do this kind of stuff?

No one has offered an answer to the first question.

The second question, and the one that is causing some confusion, is “Do I have to do this?”

Short answer, yes.

The long answer…. the City wants to do this and it is their right, as far as the Union is concerned, to do however many surveys they want to do. Evergreen Consulting, or any other consulting company, can survey all they want.

The Union, however, doesn’t have to agree with the *findings* of the survey.

If the results of the survey go against any article of the Contract, or the City tries to delay negotiations while the survey is ongoing, then there will be a problem.

Long story short (too late)…. fill out the survey. We can talk about what the City is trying to do when the survey are done.

This is one of the forms if you wanted  an idea of what you are up against. The actual survey you are provided may be a bit different based on your Title or Division. It is a PDF file:   Job Assessment Tool



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