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Contract Negotiations – City’s Latest….

The City has presented a summary of their latest proposal (attached below) to AFSCME. It covers all three Units and our summary of their summary is this:

The Good:

  1. 7 % wage restoration over 2 years (4.5% to Enterprise).

  2. Longevity raises at 10, 15, and 20 years. If you missed your longevity during the F.U., you will get it now going forward.

  3. 2.5% Merit increase for everyone not maxed out in the second year of the contract (2015). While technically that isn’t a merit, it’s still good for us.

  4. Employee Pension Contribution going down to 8%.

  5. Tuition Reimbursement returns (maximum return of $1,800 annually).

  6. Improved Benefits for Part Timers (see attached).

The Bad:

  1. Wage restoration still does not equal what was lost during F.U.

  2. “Salary Survey” may result in more wage freezes or possibly wage cuts.

  3. No Merit Increases. That means no raises until you hit a longevity date.

  4. Probationary period for all new hires or promotions is one year. This applies to all full and part-time employees.

  5. Pension benefits being reduced to 2.5% multiplier for everyone. The Police and Fire both got 3% or better.

  6. No Cola in the pension plan. Ever.

  7. If you bump down in pay grade and your  pay drops to the lower level. This is an attempt by management to get rid of bumping rights.

  8. Assignment pay does take effect until 40 hours (now 4). You cover the shift for 4 days, Bob over there will cover the fifth, none of you get assignment pay.

  1. If your position gets outsourced, you will only be guaranteed the say pay, not the same benefits, for the 18 months.

  2. Grievance Procedures automatically win for the City if the Union doesn’t follow the schedule, If the City doesn’t follow the schedule nothing happens. (Heads they win, tails you lose)

  3. Civil Service Exams can be done anyway the City chooses, verbal, oral, whatever they want that favors the people they want to hire.

  4. City is unwilling to give you a printed copy of the Contract. You have to log in to a computer or kiosk to read it online. The City gives one contract to each employee in Police and Fire Unions.

  5. The City rejects any changes to Shift Differentials (the amounts are severely outdated).

  6. The City rejects any changes to Certification Pay (General Unit).

  7. The City rejects any changes to Holidays.

  8. The City rejects any changes to Work Rules (we proposed a block to the Do as I say not as I do ).

It may look like we’re getting something good….. don’t let appearances deceive you. This proposal is actually worse than the last proposal the City made. Things agreed upon in earlier meetings were changed and not in favor for the employees.


If you are reading this as a member, thank you. If you are reading this and aren’t yet a member, please consider joining. The Police and Fire Unions got what they got because they have 100% participation of their eligible members. The City is basically trying to screw us over because our Union is not as strong as Police and Fire, they think we don’t care as much. Lets prove them wrong. Join today!

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