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Contract Negotitiations – Updated

First, thank you to everyone who made it out to watch this mornings meeting. It wasn’t the most exciting of meetings, but  you did get to see first hand how absolutely crappy Management is trying to treat the AFSCME employees.


Yesterday we shared the General Contract Proposal. Today we have the Professional and Supervisory Proposals to share.

Both are in PDF format, it is best if you right-click and choose save-as.

And Then…

We will have a lot more updates over the next day or three as we continue to evaluate and discuss what the City is offering for our contracts.

And Then….

Tonight at 5:30 is the First Public Budget Hearing. If you can make it please wear your green and ‘remind’ the Commissioners and, more importantly, the Public that we are here and we are professionals and we are tired of being treated like an ATM.


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