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Contract Update – Back to the table

Yes, we are going back to the Negotiation table. The reason specifically is some language the City insists be included in the contract:

Sec. __. The Union agrees for itself and for all bargaining unit employees to waive, renounce, and forgo any and all remedies and payments whatsoever related to the modifications to the Collective Bargaining Agreement or the Pension Ordinance made by the City pursuant to financial urgency to which it or they are or may become eligible to receive, whether resulting from an award by a tribunal or through settlement of any matter related to such changes. The Union also agrees to withdraw with prejudice immediately all grievances related to such changes.

This will be in the articles regarding Pensions, in the General CBA that would be Article 18.

Two specific points for your consideration:

The Fiscal Urgency and all the related legal bits have all been settled and none of them in our favor. We don’t have any standing for more law suits of any kind regarding the FU.

This waiver language was not included in the negotiations at any point, nor was it implied it would be included because it was never mentioned. At all.

If you need more details, talk to your Steward and they can help. If they can’t, they at least know who to ask.

Edited to add…..

And the City just responded, the negotiation session is  Tuesday the 21st at 10:00 am. You are encouraged to join us at City Hall, room 215 (the conference room behind the Commission Chambers). This will be rebroadcast as its own announcement shortly.


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