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E911 Update

This came through today….

> Subject: Employee Pensions Information from FRS > Union Representatives, > > We have received notification from the Florida Division of Retirement that they will be issuing election ballots to impacted employees of Municipalities providing non-FRS pension benefits.  Specifically, employees impacted by the Consolidated Regional E-911 Communications System will be provided a one-time irrevocable option to remain in their Municipality’s pension plan or to elect participation in the Florida Retirement System.  These ballots are time sensitive and must be returned by the deadline provided. No ballots will be provided or are needed for employees of Municipalities providing pension benefits solely with the FRS system or of Municipalities offering no pension program.  If employees have any questions, please have them contact the pension plan administrator in your Municipality.

We have put the questions to our pension coordinator already so don’t call her just yet.

More as information becomes available.

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