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How do we stack up?

At tonight’s meeting we had on display a little comparison of AFSCME’s current contract offer compared to PBA and IAFF. Here is what it looked like, more or less….


2 Year CBA, Gen, Prof, Sup, PBA, IAFF

Wages yr 1/yr 2, 4%/3%, 4%/3%, 4%/3%, 11.5 ~ 24.5%, 12 ~ 14%

Merits, 0/2.5%, 0/2.5%, 0/2.5%, Yes/2%, Slotted and 1.5%

Longevity, Yes-Slotted, Yes-Slotted, Yes-Slotted, No, Yes-Slotted

Pension, 2.5% ~ 8% No DROP No Dependant Health, 2.5%~8% No DROP, 2.5%~8% No DROP, 3% and DROP, 3.3% an DROP  and Dependent Health

Health, $40 Copay and $55 Biweekly, $40 Copay and $55 Biweekly, $40 Copay and $55 Biweekly, $40 Copay and $55 Biweekly, $40 Copay and $55 Biweekly

FSA Card E/E+1/E+2, $200/$300/$500, $200/$300/$500,  $200/$300/$500,  $200/$300/$500,  $200/$300/$500

Part Time, Health Holidays Vacation Sick 457 


This is not everything on the negotiation table, just the stuff that is most important.

Watch this space, more as it is available.

10:30 pm Edited to make the table a bit easier to read


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