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Job Descriptions

Let me take this opportunity to share with you my thoughts on why Job Descriptions are so important. each employees written job description.

Each employee hired by the City of Hollywood through the Civil Service System for a position in the classified service and has an approved job classification title and an approved job description. This job description lists the classifications, characteristics, examples of essential functions, training and experience requirements, knowledge, abilities, and skill requirements.

Every employee has the responsibility to know what their job classification title is and how their job description is written.

Knowing your specific job description is an asset and necessity for each employee, especially as management has the tendency to ask employees to work out of their job classifications due to the decrease in the numbers of employees to perform the City’s operational needs. Even more so during the hiring freezes that occur every year.

So be smart – know your JOB!

Each one of us was hired to perform ONE job.

Each one of us is paid for ONE job only.

…republished from an earlier Local 2432 Newsletter


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