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Monthly Member Meeting Reminder; Take Home Vehicle Policy

Reminder:  Monthly Member Meeting tomorrow @ 6:30 PM – Union Hall Address: 2734 Hollywood Blvd, parking in the rear.

Take Home Vehicle Policy

Last December, without any notice from the City, it modified Policy HR-038, which controls the use of take home vehicles.

Although Local 2432 has the right to contest the City’s unilateral action, upon review of the changes in the policy by our attorney, he advised that the changes appear reasonable in scope, and do not seem to place any substantial burden upon our membership. Consequently, Chris Cassidy, President, sent a letter to the City expressing the Union’s disappointment for the manner in which it adopted the changes to the policy, and warning the City that should it make any future changes to that policy, or any of the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements in place for our General Employees, Supervisory Employees or Professional Employees, that Local 2432 will promptly review its options, whether through the filing of a grievance or an unfair labor practice charge.

We are providing this e-mail, not only to explain what has transpired, but also to explain what is now required by Policy HR-038.

1. The City explains that by Florida law, as interpreted by the courts (Garcia v. Hollywood), when an employee travels to and from home to work (portal to portal use), the employee is not considered to be working at that time.

This is important, as it allows the City to avoid any financial liability for any accidents you might experience, while driving a City vehicle, and not being on duty.

2. The City advises employees using take home vehicles to procure their own automobile liability insurance for the use of a City take vehicle.

Since the City has advised that it will not incur any financial liability for any accidents you might be involved with using a City take home vehicle, you will shoulder the entire cost of any automobile accidents while off duty. Consequently, it is in your best interest, if you want to use a City take home vehicle, to have your current insurance agent procure additional automobile insurance coverage for you, likely as a rider against your existing insurance policy.

3. The City states that it will not defend you, nor cover any losses that you or anyone else involved in an accident with you, while you are driving a City take home vehicle.

This is why it is extremely important that you notify your personal automobile insurance agent that you will be using a City take home vehicle, and procure personal coverage for its usage.

4. Finally, the City is requiring employees to sign a form to evidence your usage of a City take home vehicle.

The City provides the form (a memorandum) to each employee, before they are allowed to use a take home vehicle. It summarizes the preceding information, and serves to evidence that you were made aware of the policy, the warnings and recommendations, and are responsible for any accidents and injuries resulting from your use of the take home vehicle.

Should you have any questions regarding the content of this e-mail, or the City’s changed take home vehicle policy, and required signature on the memo, please contact Local 2432 –


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