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Negotiation Meeting Followup

Thank you to everyone who took the time to join us in the audience. It makes a difference when Management sees a bunch of members taking part in the process.

And then, the meeting….

The meeting got off to a late start and most of the meeting was us presenting our current contract offerings to them. The highlights of our current proposal are:

Wages – Oct 1 we get a  6% to Enterprise Funded Employees, 9% to General Funded Employees. Next year 4% and 6%. Over the two years that would bring everyone back up in the pay scales to where they would have been if the City didn’t take anything back during F.U.

Pension – Everyone hired before July 2009 will go to a 2.75% multiplier (27 years for full benefits) with an 8% contribution. Everyone hired after July 2009 goes back to the 2.5% multiplier with the 9% contribution.

Health – Switching everyone to a $30 co-pay plus accepting the City’s offer of the Flexible Spending Account in the amount of $200 for you, $300 for you plus 1, $500 for you plus 2.

Those are the most important items of our proposal, the ones that everyone wants to know right now. There were many more items in our offer that will be under discussion and we will share them with you soon.

One of the highlights of the meeting was at the end and the City’s spokesman said “we seem to be miles apart on this contract.” Barbara Duffy did not disappoint one bit with her response…. “Because your offer is pathetic! You took money away from them and you aren’t willing to give any back.”

And now we wait for the City to get back to us with a response and a date for the next meeting. While we wait we will put together a more complete list of our proposed contract and share over the next several days.

Edited to make it a bit more clear that the above highlights are from the Union’s latest proposal to the City. This is from us to them.

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