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Ratification Vote for 4 – 10 Workweek


The proposed contract article changes are at the links below:  The vote is tomorrow from 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM @ 2734 Hollywood Boulevard (parking in the rear).

AFSCME Local 2432 Brothers and Sisters,

Toward the end of June, the City notified Local 2432 that it wanted to implement a one-year pilot program, to explore the possibility of achieving cost savings by changing employees’ workweek from 5 days, 8 hours per day, to 4 days, 10 hours per day.

Local 2432 held several meetings with the City to address concerns raised by our membership, including potential scheduling conflicts, and impacts upon work and meal breaks, holiday pay, vacation pay, sick pay, and upon employees’ child care arrangements. The proposed changes will not impact employees who are in one of the job classifications listed in the joint letter from the Union/HR that went out with last week’s paycheck.  A link to the letter is below.  We will post the contract language changes shortly.

If approved, Local 2432 will monitor this program with the City on an ongoing basis, in order to address and fix any issues that result from this change. Additionally, the City has agreed to incorporate some measures of flexibility to take into account the individual needs of, and personal circumstances facing our membership.

Come to the Union hall @ 2734 Hollywood Boulevard on Tuesday, August 16th, from 7 AM – 5:30 PM and cast your vote.

****   4 Day Work Week Letter  ****


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