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Struggling Hollywood

Struggling Hollywood PD Aims To Merge With BSO from the CBS Miami website this morning….

Fed up with shrinking paychecks and stalled contract talks, Hollywood police officers have asked their union to put together a package on a possible merger with the Broward Sheriff’s Office. …On Monday, 91 Hollywood police officers voted 89 to 2 to look into the possibility.

And the reasons for this renewed interest in going to BSO?

They [the City] have garnished their wages at 27 and 1/2 percent. And these members are not getting positive signals from the city that it’s ever coming back.

We applaud the Police taking matters int their own hands and do what is best for both themselves and the City.

There are, however, two more items that need to be kept in mind during this process….

First, the Sworn Officers are urging this process. What about the rest of the PD?

Second, while this may (or may not) be good for the Officers, it does not help the rest of the employees of the City. This is, to oversimplify, voluntarily outsourcing an entire department. Local 2432 has been fighting outsourcing since forever and having the Police go to BSO simply stacks the deck against those of us who are still going to be here. This is going to strengthen Managements ideas for outsourcing everyone.

What do you think? Comment below or email us.

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