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Union Executive Board

On Tuesday night, I shared with the Executive Board that I have been left with no choice other than to reduce my involvement in Local 2432 activities, as my family needs my attention on a priority basis. Regrettably, I advised the Board that I had to step down from being Union Vice President, but shared my pride in their efforts on behalf of all of us, my continuing commitment to help our union however possible, and my interest in staying involved, as my time permits.

Thankfully, many years ago when our Local Union Constitution was drafted, it took into account that we each have our own lives and commitments, and that despite our best intent, some of us after being elected, may not be able to complete our elected terms of office.

In this instance, the Constitution provides that when the Union Vice President leaves office before his/her term has expired, the Union Secretary is automatically elevated to Vice President.

Union Secretary Ian Albertson stepped up his game and graciously accepted the appointment, without any reservation, knowing full well all of the responsibilities and time required to serve our membership. Based upon my prior experience working with Ian, I am confident that he will undoubtedly prove to be a worthy successor to me as our Local 2432 Vice President.

Each of the Board members thanked me for my service, and expressed their appreciation for all of my time and effort that I have expended on behalf of our membership. Ultimately, they convinced me to accept their appointment as Union Secretary, which will assure that I can stay involved, but in a reduced capacity, thereby affording me more free time to focus on personal, family matters, and not just on my work and my commitments to Local 2432.

I look forward to Local 2432’s bright future, and believe that with Chris Cassidy, Ian, and the rest of our Executive Board remaining at the helm, we will move forward together and achieve all of our common goals. Not only will we succeed in increasing everyone’s wages and  enhancing City benefits, but equally important, we will do everything humanly possible to improve our members’ working conditions and the respect that is due them while at work.

Should you have any questions or need to contact Local 2432 regarding any actions that impact you at work, you can continue to contact your Shop Steward, or:

  1. President Chris Cassidy at (954) 296-1412, or

  1. Vice President Ian Albertson at (206) 327-7556, or

by e-mail at; or

  1. Secretary Barbara Armand at (954) 593-7931, or

In closing, I hope that each of you please will accept my appreciation for the opportunity you had extended to me to serve as your Vice President, and I hope to honor each of you by continuing to serve Local 2432, albeit in a reduced role as Union Secretary.

Barbara Armand


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