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Updates via Text Messaging

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome as a Union is Communication. We have over 700 people scattered over 28 different office locations, shift workers covering all 24 hours on the clock, and field workers covering all 31 square miles of our City…. sharing information in a timely manner is, to put it mildly,  a challenge.

We are rising to that challenge!

Your Executive Board and your Communication Committee are using every channel of communication available to make sure that you, the members of Local 2432, have access to the most up to date information when you need it, where, and how.

This website was the first step. The current display is ‘adaptive’ and should be readable on both your desktop or your mobile device. Up to the top is the navigation menu, down to the bottom are the options and settings and fiddly-bits.

Email Notices and Email  Newsletters was the next step. Approximately once a month you should receive an email digest of the news articles from this website, if you signed up that is. Scroll down there to the bottom and put your email into the Join Our Newsletter box. Like we said, about once a month you will receive an email digest, and if something interesting or exciting is happening we’ll send a specific email notice with the required information.

Text Messages on your mobile is the next step. If your mobile account gives you unlimited text messaging then you can sign up to get updates via Text Message. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and put your number and provider in the appropriate boxes. Not all mobile providers are available to our system, if your provider isn’t listed contact the Union Hall and we’ll see if we can find a way to get you connected. We have to tell you that standard messaging rates may apply, if you don’t get unlimited messaging with your account you probably don’t want to sign up for this particular feature.

And, of course, there are the usual Social Media options of Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. If you use any of those then you will know what to do to add Local 2432 to your lists to stay up to date.

There is more in development including a printed Newsletter, a Virtual Union Hall message board system, and some other stuff that should be pretty cool when it gets to the point of being able to share here.

And last but certainly not least…. the most important part of Local 2432 is YOU! If you have an idea on how to do something different or better, speak up!  Our job on the Communication Committee is to make it easier for all of us to communicate with each other. Tell us what we need to do to make that happen.


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